Plant-based products are everywhere, but no brand does it more honestly than Lightlife. Competitors go for new-age, proprietary science meat, but Lifelight keeps it simple. Parents dig that there are no fillers or fake blood, while kids just enjoy the taste. We needed a celeb/influencer couple to help us keep it real about the goodness of Lightlife for family dinners. 
Hello Kristen Bell and Dax Sheppard. We tapped into their buzz fresh off The Good Place’s final season, creating “A Taste of Honesty.” Our two-minute short hilariously (and sometimes brutally) showed the real talk of that comes with honest parenting. The many cuts highlighted the honest-to-goodness taste of Lightlife, while making Lightlife a household name in the plant-based game. 

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We also built exclusive social and web content, developed a press kit featuring custom interviews with our 'spokesparents' for news outlets, and brought the brutal honesty brand story to prime time via a custom integration with Jimmy Kimmel Live.
We kept the honesty going by developing a parenting tutorial about how to be honest with your kids starring Molly Sims and Joel McHale, worked with influencer parents from across America to share their brutally honest parenting anecdotes with #ATasteofHonesty, and in the process, opened up a huge debate across social media about just how honest you should be with your kids surrounding our hashtag #ATasteOfHonesty.

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