AMC's Preacher was heading into its 3rd season and needed a complete rework of how the show was marketed. This show, if you haven't seen it, is a tricky one. A mind controlling preacher, a drug addicted vampire, God on a sex vacation in New Orleans… you get the idea. So we asked ourselves the question - how do you market such an offensive show? You let the show do the talking and if you are easily offended, guess what? Don't watch!     
This approach allowed us a ton of creative freedom to build on the idea that this show is crude, offensive and can sometimes be in bad taste - but instead of tip-toeing around that, we celebrated it. We used negative reviews to spark curiosity and intrigue, and to empower the show's strong cult following.  
We took some of the most controversial scenes from the lore of Preacher and presented them as fact. This let the scenes do the talking and would make even the casual scroller ask, "What the Hell?"

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