Our challenge was to take a 44-minute show that airs for just 16 weeks out of the year and turn it into an always on cultural movement and universe far bigger than TV. To do this, we knew we needed to do more than just broadcast to our fans. Our secret was to join them as the biggest TWD fan there is. 
We developed social strategy and creative to support premiere launches, in-season content, and season finales, in addition to supporting off-season moments with ongoing, evergreen content to sustain year-round engagement with the fanbase.

AMC's The Walking Dead Universe | Social Case Study

To build hype and buzz leading into the season 9 premiere we took over NYC and New York ComicCon by unleashing hundreds of walkers all over Manhattan. 

Walkers In New York | Case Study

To take advantage of cultural moments throughout the year we wanted to tap into the buzz and hype around March Madness by creating our own "walker" tournament. We paired some of the most iconic and memorable walkers from The Walking Dead universe and let fans battle it out on instagram stories. Voting for their favorites in each round. We were able to work closely with Greg Nicotero (VFX King and Show EP) to help recap each round and bring insights into how these creatures were created. 
On the day of the season 8 premiere, we asked fans to follow along on Instagram as we released walkers around the most iconic LA locations. They toured through Los Angeles and walked their way to the Greek Theater join fans for the live stream of the red carpet.  

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